HRP Mission

portrait with copyrightPeople who are connected with historic preservation in general, and older homes specifically, know that many of these structures are threatened by the ravages of nature or the developer’s wrecking ball. Perhaps you’re on the board of a local historical society, or a state- or federally sponsored agency empowered to protect these historic gems. Either way, you know that there are never enough funds available to restore and maintain these buildings in their original states. My respect for our history, and these structures in particular, has led me to the decision to get involved in a very personal way.

Unfortunately, the poor quality of available photography of these homes, especially their interiors, does not show them in an inviting way. How can we expect to garner public and professional interest, sympathy, and support when we communicate using poor quality photographs?

If you are involved with historic preservation, my simple proposal is for you:

I will provide high-quality, digital images with rights for education, archive, research, and resale, but your obligation is to use them for fund-raising. Think about elevating the quality of your brochure to attract more visitors every day that your structures are open to the public. Create all types of products that can be sold in your gift shop, online store, or your town’s local shops. Use the images in lobbying efforts at the county, state, and federal levels. Brainstorm marketing ideas with your board… it’s one more high-quality tool you can use to bring attention to your site. Let’s work together to help more people touch history before it’s only a photo in a book.

What does this cost your nonprofit? I’m not in this for the money. Email me and let’s start the conversation.

Gary Heller