Go! Go! Go! Go!

Fraunces Tavern:  This one building is loaded with history, starting from about 1719 and continuing to the present. It was a home for many owners, a tavern, a meeting place for the Sons of Liberty, a hotel, and offices for the then-government. It has suffered through several fires and has been damaged by explosions twice; once by a British cannonball through the roof in 1775, and a second time by the FALN (Puerto Rican extremist organization) in 1975. The fact that it’s still standing is a miracle.

Enjoy a meal in one of their restaurants. The prices are reasonable for New York City. Visit the upper floors that have been converted into a museum. Their artifacts are top notch examples of the period. One of the most compelling rooms upstairs is the Long Room, the place where General George Washington had his farewell dinner with his officers after the close of the Revolutionary War.

The address is 54 Pearl Street, four blocks south of Wall Street, at the corner of Broad and Pearl. Check out their website for hours of operation.

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