History is yesterday, today, tomorrow…

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Lately, I’ve been on several photo shoots that have taken me to popular local restaurants. All of these restaurants were built on the bones of old houses dating back to the late 1800s. Because of the rules, codes, and regulations that govern the operation of food venues, many changes were made to these buildings so that they would comply. As a result, my attentions were on discovering what section of the house and room still reflected what was there from the beginning. Sometimes it was merely a radiator for steam heat, or a panel door, a staircase, or a cobblestone floor leading to a cistern (as in the accompanying photo).

It needs to be understood that the goal of historical societies can, and should, include freezing a moment in time, even if that moment is right now. It doesn’t have to be about just saving notable structures and collecting local artifacts. Hopefully, generations to come will be just as anxious to learn about life in 2017 as they might be about life in 1917, 1817, and 1717.

Where have you seen yesterday peeking through to today? Let me know in the comments. Maybe I’ll get a chance to explore it on a future expedition.

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