Time to Celebrate Unsung Heroes

Jared Polin and Mike Tamborrino are two of the many photographers who gladly give their time and efforts practicing photography for the public good. Check out Jared’s latest YouTube video, where he shot stills and video for a Special Olympics event pro bono. His video, I hope, will go far in convincing other photographers that this business isn’t just about finding the next job but in letting the world know that you’re willing to help worthy causes without the profit motive.

I’ve known Mike Tamborrino for close to 40 years. He graduated from St. Johns University with a BFA in photography and we worked together at a stock photo agency in New York City for six years. He’s been a staff shooter for the politicos in Nassau County on Long Island, NY, for more than eight years, but over a longer period of time, Mike has been doing volunteer shooting for causes that mean a lot to him. Those gigs are mostly after hours, when a lot of people just want to get home from their regular jobs and call it a day. Instead, Mike goes out to be the photographic witness to events that are important to the non-profits that he supports.

Mike and Jared are just two examples of what photographers can and will do to help society as a whole. The next time you hear a news report about some sleazy paparazzi pushing their cameras in some celebrity’s face, or someone complains about the photographer at a friend’s wedding, please remember that there’s good and bad in all professions.

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