An Overdue Update

Pardon my tardiness…I haven’t posted a new blog since February, primarily because my wife and I moved from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania. Now that we’ve basically completed that relocation (and the cartons are mostly unpacked), I find myself thinking about all the wonderful people I had the privilege of working with back in the greater Ozaukee County area that we just left behind. I’m proud that I helped to add to and improve the photographic resources of the following historical societies:

Ozaukee County

Trinity Freistadt



Menomonee Falls

I apologize to the societies that I couldn’t help, such as Fond du Lac, because time ran out. The possibility  to return and shoot is always open, and who knows, maybe someday it will happen.

Now for the challenges ahead. We’ve been in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania for about three weeks and have already attended one meeting of a local historical society. This group meets once a month, hosting interesting speakers, local talents, and discussing important topics. It was just another Thursday night to me, but the size of the turnout for this meeting was impressive, with a nice blend of volunteers, retirees, and even a young family. With Pennsylvania being one of the original 13 colonies, what I see here are a few houses from the mid to late 1800s, but many more structures of the 1700s. We’re not even in summer yet, and I hope to make new connections quickly enough so that there are assignments to complete yet this year.

If you’re from the Lehigh Valley area and can help me with contact names and phone numbers, please send me an email. I promise to follow up on all leads!

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