One Mind — Two Mediums

While my own expertise is in still photography, I have come to know someone with a similar passion for supporting local history education who works primarily in video format. Mickey Franz’s YouTube channel is worth watching, especially if you live in, or plan to travel to, the tri-state area of NY, NJ, and PA. The channel is called the Mickey Shuffle, and the video series that Mickey is developing is known as Expedition Anywhere. His goal is to take you to locations with historic significance that you might not have had any idea existed, or if you did, never got a chance to learn more about or to visit. I’ve been to some of the locations he explores, but now have discovered many more interesting places to see, thanks to the Mickey Shuffle.

Most notable videos are his explorations of Bethel and Woodstock, NY, where the legendary 3-day music festival took place. Now that I live in Pennsylvania, his video of sites in the eastern central part of the state was particularly eye-opening to me.

Mickey only started offering videos about a year ago, and you can see his skill and professionalism in presenting these subjects improving with each new episode that he releases. While you’re not going to get an exhaustive discussion of the entire history of a location, you will finish watching each video knowing a lot more than you did before, and with the desire to go to these places to see them for yourself.

His desire to encourage a better understanding of, and appreciation for, our local history is sincere and commendable. Please give him your support.

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