Ways a Photographer Can Give Back in 2020

Note: This blog was written before the Covid-19 pandemic, the financial downturn, spike in unemployment, and the death of George Floyd. My next blog will address my thoughts on all of this.

Just about two years ago, I posted a blog that highlighted the work of two photographers, Jared Polin and Mike Tamborrino, who take time from their busy careers to help local charities record their events in pictures. If you’re a photographer who is following my blogs, I’d like to call your attention to a recent article by Dan Bracaglia that was published on the DPReview website.

Dan points to just a few ways that portrait photographers can give back to their local communities. Some of those ways involve working with organizations that support families with children who have cancer, families with loved ones in the military who are deployed overseas, and families of first responders.

Whether photography is your job or just a passion, Dan suggests that you consider teaching the craft to young people in your area. He also recommends that you liberate some of your older, unused equipment (two years old or older) so that others might practice and learn.

If you’d like to explore these ideas, check out Dan’s article. There are many organizations listed there that can help you to get involved. If you are already volunteering your talent to a local nonprofit in a way that’s not part of his article, consider leaving a comment. Dan promises a future article with more ideas sent to him by readers. 

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